Yeoman Reveal.js Generator: Quick Reveal Presentations

A while back I gave a Reveal.js presentation on how to create a Reveal.js presentation using the scaffolding tool Yeoman. It’s been pretty helpful for building quick presentations and distributing them through my github account for anyone to see and I keep going back to that presentation when I start my next one, so I thought it should be in a blog post.

If you want to view the actual presentation, give it a whirl.

Let’s start with the basics. Node.js comes with npm so let’s make sure we have the most up-to-date node installed on our system.


sudo npm cache clean -f
sudo npm install -g n
sudo n stable
npm -v

Update npm

sudo npm install npm -g


Update yeoman

npm install -g yo

Update the Reveal.js Generator

npm install -g generator-reveal

yo yeveal | Build a new presentation

Navigate to a new directory

yo reveal

Follow the instructions. Be sure to include your github account name in order to deploy your presentation to a github page.

yo reveal:slide "Slide title" --markdown

Boom, this builds you a new slide in your slides directory.

No just run grunt serve to see your presentation (with live reload) in your browser:

grunt serve
  • Grunt is a task runner
  • You can build your own tasks for things like compiling CSS.
  • Or you can rely on others’ grunt files. For Reveal’s generator, this already includes:
    • Node server
    • Autoreload
    • Lint
    • Deploy (to github in this case)

Super handy.

Bonus: Scaling Images on your slides

I ran into this issue a few times when I would insert an image and it just wouldn’t scale to the slide right. I think this is very important if you’re giving a talk. To fix, just use some quick CSS magic to help you.

<div class="big-image-container">
    <img class="big-image" src="myimage.jpg"/>

For the container class:

.reveal div .big-image-container {
    margin:0 auto;

And the image class:

.reveal img.big-image {
    margin:0 auto;